Counting down the days…


I am not sure if we will be 100% ready when we finally move into our “Fithy”, but we have decided that this is OK. Anything we miss can be picked up along the way. June 8th is the big day. It will come very quickly, but have a feeling that the days will feel slow with the anticipation of our upcoming adventures.

Yesterday was a pretty big haul to the Goodwill. Our little apartment is sure starting to feel empty, but that is the goal… unloading the belongings that we do not need any longer. There was a brief moment of sadness when they said they wouldn’t be able to take any Christmas decorations at this time…knowing that meant they were going into the dumpster. I know they are only “things”, but a part of me was hoping that someone else would be able to enjoy them. I tend to attach memories to this stuff, and that was 20 years of Christmas memories in the trash. I am over it today and know that we will gather new memories on the road, which makes it all worth it.

We have 5 more weekends to prep…Korey works on Sundays so 5 more Saturdays…EEEEEEK!!! We can do this though, we are determined, a great team and getting it all done and so super stoked to do this.

šŸ™‚ Michelle

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