Something doesn’t sound right….


Over the weekend, we spent time up at our Fithy. We brought a truck load of belongings to unpack and organize. I will admit that organizing went out the window since I wasn’t sure where to put everything, just yet. The next time we are there, it will be to move in (17 more days… only 17!! crazy how fast time is zipping by), so we will bring our remaining belongings at that time. THEN the real organization can begin. We really just needed to make sure that everything was in cabinets and drawers so we could take the Fithy out and practice parking.

This was the 2nd time practicing parking/backing into a tight spot, and the 1st time without Korey’s dad. It was just me guiding Korey in. It was not pretty at times. We didn’t fight, but there was certainly some silence on the phone. We realized quickly that we cannot read each other’s mind, so communication is key. And for me, I had to try to figure out when to tell him to start turning, he is relying on me to guide him in and that was something that took trial and error. When I thought it was a good time to tell him to start turning, it was either too soon, or way too late. But we did finally get it, with 2 successful back ins…. and felt good about that. Before this happened, we ran into our first issue that could have been pretty bad.

Whenever Korey would crank it to back in, I heard a horrible scraping sound. It was loud and did not sound good at all. I wasn’t sure what it was the 1st time I heard it, but with the 2nd time, I saw it. The corner of the slide got caught on the back driver side tire and bent. With every turn that sharp metal corner was digging into the tire. Korey got his tools out, bent that piece so that it was no longer close to the tire, hopped back in the truck and continued to back into the “camping spot” we created with cones in an empty parking lot. We were thankful that this happened now vs. when we are on the road. That is not how we want to start the journey, with a huge gash in one of our tires. Thankfully it was a quick fix. The loud noise it made kind of freaked me out though, and I was a little nervous that it was a bigger problem than it was.

After practicing in that parking lot, it was time to head back to Korey’s parent’s house and back it into it’s temporary home. 2 tries to back it in, and 1 additional adjustment to get it as close to the spot it was in before we pulled out. I think we did pretty good! I say “we” because I had to guide Korey in the best I could, but it was really him. I have still only been behind the wheel of the truck once. And it was definitely not hooked up to a 35 ft fifth wheel. It is very intimidating to me to pull that thing, I know I need to get over it, and I will, but at this time I am the cheerleader to Korey’s driving 🙂

So here we are….17 days until we move into the Fithy, and Korey gave notice to his employer today and his manager was excited for his news, so this was a relief. We are so over living in a room with a mattress on the floor, and bins of clothing in the bedroom, since all of our furniture has been either sold or donated. The horrible noise heard while backing up was a quick fix, and a huge relief that it was not something bigger. We are ready. Let’s get this show on the road!


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