The Purge….and not the murderous kind

It is finally here! THE BIG MOVE into our Fithy. We left our apartment in Vista in the afternoon of Thursday June 7th. It was such a good feeling to turn on those keys and hit the road. The truck had our biggest load yet. We had already made 3 previous trips up to Korey’s parent’s house, where our coach is stored until we hit the road. So how could we still have SO MUCH STUFF?! Korey played jenga with the boxes and made it all fit. We were both all smiles as we headed up to Phelan.

Unloading was so much quicker than loading, thankfully. But then we had piles of bins, boxes and bags of stuff. Both of us were not sure if it would all fit and decided that we probably didn’t donate or sell enough of our belongings. It didn’t help that when I was packing that I kept a lot of items for “just in case”, like what if we need 24 forks/knives/spoons?! Korey didn’t agree 🙂

Time to purge!!

As we unpacked our clothes, we filled a garbage bag of items that we could live without. Turns out there are lots of spare hangers… time to shop to fill that closet! 🙂 Luckily we have a ginourmous closet, another closet with the washer/dryer hookup that we put a small 2 drawer chest in, with plenty of room for our coats hanging above it, and a small dresser that held more than I thought it would.

We have more pantry storage in our kitchen than we had in the little apartment, so after hitting up both Target and Costco, we filled that bad boy with food for Mammoth (leaving on Saturday and we are really excited) and there is still room to spare.

The biggest obstacle was the bathroom. Somehow we had 2 boxes and a bin full of bathroom stuff. I spread everything out on the living room floor and started the piles… donate/trash, under the sink, in one of the 3 storage shelves, and in the vanity storage.

As we wait for Saturday morning, we have a busy week ahead of us. I am working all week, while Korey works on washing the truck and coach, organizing the basement and most important…hanging that map on the door so we can get busy adding our state stickers. By the end of the year, we will have 7 states filled.

Korey said something this morning that I couldn’t agree with more. He was standing in the kitchen with his coffee with a little grin. I asked what the smirk was all about and he said “This is the smallest space we have ever lived in, but this is by far my far my favorite because of what it represents”. Just knowing what we will get to see and experience together is so special and we both feel so fortunate that we are able to make this happen. There are so many reasons why this adventure is important to us both individually and as a couple. We will share more about that at a later time, but we are ready.

The purge is complete… we have donated and trashed what we no longer need. Minimalist life is upon us, belongings wise, but we will have so much more with experiences.

Our hearts are full.



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