One week in…

Korey and Michelle_race day 2 Mammoth

We have had a great 1st week as fulltime RVers 🙂 We went big dog style right off the bat…boondocking. Korey’s awesome parents got us a spot right next to them in Lee Vining. We are facing a small creek and up in the woods. This girl HATES dirt and bugs, which makes it kind of funny that I even agreed to do this, but it is so beautiful here and will learn to deal with those pesky bugs.

Korey has been fishing every day that we have been here. I like to give him nicknames, so he’s got 2 new ones this week…. “knife guy” and “the catcher”. He caught 5 trout today so he is pretty stoked.

Our 1st full day here was Father’s Day. I woke up at 3am sick and did not feel better until Monday. I stayed in bed all day long. We think it was altitude sickness, or a 24 hour flu, but it hit me hard. It sucks that I missed out on our first full day here.

Day 2 was a good one for me though. Korey was awesome and hung around here to take care of me on Sunday, so Monday we took a drive around June Lake Loop, went out to breakfast at the Tiger Bar, and checked out Mammoth. This area is so pretty and there is SO MUCH to see. I am not sure that we will be able to see it all in a month, since we really only have the weekend to explore.

The reason that we came up here a week earlier than we originally planned was so that we could see our nephew Ries, race here in Mammoth, at the Lucas Oil Mini Motocross Nationals presented by Monster Energy . We are so happy that we were able to be here. That kid came to race. He gave it his all, both days and took 2nd overall. It was so exciting when he got his first holeshot, and even more exciting when he got a second holeshot in the race right after that one. No Sunday strolls for little ripper, he showed those kids whats up. It was awesome and we loved that we got to be there to see it.

I had taken Mon-Wed off, for the race, so Thurs and Fri I was back to work. The Catcher did some fishing, worked on his certification to teach English as a second language (so close to finishing!), did our laundry, and fished some more. Oh and he has some competition on his hands…. Catcher #2 just caught 5 fish (Kathy/mama Kitty).

Time to head to Bridgeport to check out a new town and grab some dinner 🙂

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