So much to see!

Bodie Selfie

We have been in Lee Vining, CA for a week and a half now, boondocking for our 1st adventure. I am so happy that we are here in this location for our 1st stop. It is beautiful, and we are camped right next to Korey’s parents. They are pro’s at this RV biz, so we are learning all kinds of tips. We have another week and a half in this spot with them, to soak up all that we can. Next stop… moving a couple miles down the road to an RV park with hook ups.

Korey could stay boondocking forever. He is in heaven right now. I am excited for a little bit of the conveniences that come with hook ups. I am not high maintenance, I think I put mascara on just once since being here, but when you work from home, it’s the little things like power that come in handy. We really need to look into solar, this way we can dry camp without the need to turn on the generator every couple hours to recharge my laptop or cell phone for meetings.

Korey has been a fishing machine. He is so patient when fishing, which may come as a surprise to people who know him. I am sure he will fish every chance he gets as we are on the road.

We get evenings and weekends to explore, due to the work schedule. So even if it is just to go try out a new restaurant, or check out some random dirt road to see where it takes us, that is what we will try to do while we are here. This weekend we plan to take a volcano tour and maybe check out a mine that is close-ish by that Korey’s parents recommended to us. We still have lots to see, and I am not sure that we will have enough time so coming back in the future is a must. We want to check out multiple hikes in Yosemite. Devil’s postpile is on the list. There are so many lakes in this area that I am sure we will not have a chance to see them all. Tonight we have to do regular adulting stuff…. grocery store. So nothing too exciting. Maybe we will see one of those dirt roads to check out on our way back πŸ™‚

Last weekend was AWESOME. We went to Bodie, a ghost town that is roughly an hour away. Since there were 2 fires there over the years, only 5% of the buildings remain. Most you can peek in through the windows and a couple you could either walk inside or check it out through an open door. Like the church. One of two Bodie churches still stands and they let you take a look through the open doors. From the sounds of it, Bodie was total wild west. Loads of saloons (more than 60), opium dens and shoot outs. At it’s peak there were close to 8,000 people in this town, based on a census around 1875. Between 1877 and 1881 there were 30 different mines in the area. In the 1960’s the town was purchased by California State Parks to preserve it’s history. We love ghost towns and cannot wait to see more in our travels.

View of BodieΒ  Β  Β  Β Β Bodie church

On Sunday we hiked Convict Lake. It was beautiful! The hike wasn’t a difficult one, but it was just long enough where we felt like we did some walking. The lake is DEEP… deepest in the area at over 300 ft deep. We could see the large fish swimming around as we watched from the trail. Korey was wishing that he had his pole and he plans to go back and do some fishing there. The coolest part was while we were walking through a wooded area, we looked up and there was a deer only like 15 feet away from us, drinking from the stream. It was a pretty cool experience. We both left there saying how awesome that hike was and how happy we were that we did it. At the end of the hike, there was a sign about how Convict Lake got it’s name….29 escaped convicts from Carson City Nevada were tracked to the lake by a “posse” in Sept 1871… the posse didn’t make it out alive, and the convicts were home free.

convict lake mtn viewconvict lake selfiedeer at Convict lake

We so look forward to all that we will learn about these stops along the way. Korey asked me this morning if I regret the decision to sell everything and move into a fifth wheel to travel full time. I told him that I do not regret it for a second. I asked his thoughts, he said it was the best decision we have ever made. How lucky are we to get to do this? Our hearts are full and it’s only just begun! We know there will be bumps along the way and we will deal with those as they come, but this very moment, we are feeling pretty blessed.


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