Our 1st RV Park & next stops…

1st night at Mono Vista

On Saturday July 7th, we made the move from our Boondocking site, to Mono Vista RV Park….also in Lee Vining. Our big moving day consisted of a roughly 2 mile drive…pretty rough move 🙂 We had been parked next to Korey’s parents for a few weeks in a beautiful spot right on a creek, with some super nice people. What a great way to start out our full-time RV life…parked right next to some RV pro’s! Plus getting to spend a few weeks with Steve and Kathy before we venture out on our own, was so nice.

mono vista rv park          office

Our 1st RV park experience has been what we had hoped… nice views, really quiet (we know this will not always be the case) and super nice people running the park. We only had water and electric hook-ups, but we are thankful for that electric! No generator to start when it is time to charge cell phones or laptops, which has been so convenient. They have laundry facilities here too!


1st sunrise at Mono Vista

We have 2 more nights here before we head up to Reno. We will be staying in Reno for just one night, then on Sunday we will drive up to Ashland Oregon. We are really looking forward to a few things in Oregon…. Fred Meyer, FULL hookups right on a lake (Emigrant Lake), REI (I need new hiking boots…), Costco, getting a McDonald’s cheeseburger (weird, I know, we are both craving them) and CHEAPER DIESEL, like almost a dollar less a gallon. I think it is also exciting because we will get to hit up another state. That is another sticker added to our map. We are not adding one for Nevada since we will just be there for a stop over.

The last 5 weeks have been spent in the Eastern Sierra’s, in Lee Vining, just a few miles from Yosemite. We had no idea how beautiful it was up here and cannot believe it took us so many years to visit. There are endless options for hiking, fishing, and beautiful mountain and lake views. We will be back for sure. We plan to visit again when we are back to explore more of California. Our favorite meal was at The Stove, in Mammoth, for breakfast. It was DELISH! We are suckers for a good breakfast spot. The food was so good that we ate enough for 4 people and a nap was required as soon as we got back to the fithy.

Tonight we are headed back to the Mobil (a gas station) for dinner and live music with Korey’s parents. It is definitely a must see…unlike any other gas station we have been to, that is for sure. We have been once a week, other than one night missed, since we have been here. Tomorrow, while I am working, Korey will be busy working on packing up and getting ready to take off.

We still have a lot of pictures from our time here, so we need to get busy and post them… hoping to do this next week.

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