We cannot wait to go back!

entrance sign

Our time spent in the Eastern Sierra’s was SO AWESOME! We got to go on multiple hikes, explore the little towns around Mammoth & Lee Vining, see the coolest ghost town(Bodie), experience a small town 4th of July (in Bridgeport), drive up near the entrance of Yosemite late at night to see all the stars, be on the constant look out for bears (only saw 1), hike our 1st National Park, hike to our 1st National Monument, spend time with Korey’s parents, Korey picked up a new hobby – FISHING, watching our nephew take 2nd overall at the Lucas Oil Mini Nationals, lots of time relaxing, and learning to live in a tiny space.

We tried to do something every evening, and each weekend day, even if it was to just check out a new restaurant. There was so much to do and see in that area, that even though we were there for 5 weeks, we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to. When we return, we plan on staying at the Thousand Trails RV park near the other side of Yosemite. A little side note, we are so stoked that my grandparents are so graciously going to transfer their membership over to us, because they are no longer using it. We will get so much use out of it, and look forward to sending them pics in parks they visited back when they were traveling full time.

One of the places we got to explore while in the area was DeChambeau Ranch. It was a pretty hot day, so we didn’t stay very long, but it was SO COOL! We both love old ghost towns, farms, cemeteries, buildings…all of it. The old ranch house was boarded up, so we weren’t able to go inside, but we did get to peek into the old outhouse (2 seats…adults and kids), chicken coup, barns and sheds. There was a resident owl scoping us out from the trees when we arrived as well, which was cool to see.

resident owl


slaughter house

I wonder if it was always like this, wavy, or was it from years of weather? Korey and his dad walked inside….I was a little chicken, so I peeked in.

The basement entrance was on the front porch of the house, of course Korey and Steve opened it up to take a peek….they are much braver than I am, but I did take advantage of them creeping around, so I could see in too 😉


view of the house

Us_De Chambeau Ranch

On the way up to the ranch, we stopped at the Mono Lake Cemetery. We have been to 3 old cemeteries in the last 4 months…I have a feeling we will stop at all of them that we see along our routes. There is so much history, we love reading that little bit of info about that person on their headstone, and it is so neat to see really old headstones that are still maintained by someone.

mono lake cemetary sign

mono lake cemetary

There were such beautiful views of the lake from the cemetery location.

view of mono lake from the cemetary

Our time in this area was amazing and really got us excited for all the fun places we are about to explore. We have a 3 ring notebook full of plans. So many people have asked us how long we plan to do this full time RV living thing. As of right now, we just say, “when we see everything we want to see”. Just typing that out makes me smile. We have so many plans, and know that so many places will fall into our laps, that we don’t even know about yet, this is so exciting to us!

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