Bucket List item – CHECK

One week ago today, we had the privilege of going to our very first Pearl Jam concert. Both of us have always wanted to see a show, but never had a chance because their tickets always sell out so quickly. 3 nights before the show, Korey just happened to check Live Nation and saw a notification that they opened up additional seating. He tried 4 times, without success, on the 5th try, he was able to nail down 2 tickets. It was so exciting for us when the transaction was complete and we knew for sure that we were for sure getting to go to the show!

Pearl Jam 4

The show was at Safeco Field, and we decided that instead of paying a boatload for parking that we would park at UW and hop on the Link. It is crazy, but neither of us even knew that this was an option. We only looked into it because they mentioned how bad traffic was going to be on the news. It was such a great way to go as well, only $5 per person for a round trip ticket and a quick ride to the stadium, and back after the concert.

pearl jam 2

We got inside and our seats where section 109, row 29, seats 7 and 8. The sound was amazing, but the view of the actual stage…not so much. We didn’t even care. We were all smiles, singing along and enjoying every moment. So many times we said that we couldn’t believe that we were actually there. We scored tickets to the Friday night home show! Turns out that it was the best of the two nights….37 songs, 3 and a half hours. Another first was attending a concert with that many people. There were 47,000 other fans enjoying the show with us.

pearl jam 1

What an amazing night, we cannot believe how fortunate we are to be able to go. We had no plans of going, just bummed that they were sold out every time we would check for available tickets. 2 months into this full time RV life and we have a huge bucket list item that we got to check off. Next we need to get to a Foo Fighters concert. Of course they are playing here in Seattle the night after we leave, so we will have to keep an eye out to get to see them somewhere else. Korey and I both agree that this Pearl Jam show was the best concert that we have ever been to, hands down.

I feel like we need to sit down and make a list of all of the cool things that we have been able to do since moving into the Fithy and traveling full time. Pretty sure we have never had a summer like this…and it’s not over yet. We are feeling so blessed to get to live this lifestyle. As other full time RVers know, and we are quickly finding out….plans often have to change. We were all set to head to Portland over Labor Day weekend for 2 weeks there to see our friends & family in that area, but Korey got a call about a week ago and those plans are now changing. We will be here in Anacortes until the end of the Month, then on September 1st, we will be hitting the road as planned, but instead of heading South, we are heading East. We have 3 days to get to Yellowstone National Park. That call was a job offer! His very first workamper contract and we could not be more excited. We will be there until October 17th. We are going to get to see SO MUCH and very much looking forward to it.

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