2018 – What a GREAT year!

Happy New Year!! 

churchill downs

2018 was the best year yet, for both of us on so many levels. We feel so blessed and grateful to have been fortunate enough to start our new lifestyle of full time RV living and travel. In a few short days it will be month 7 of living in our Fithy. It feels like we just moved in a couple months ago with how quickly time is passing.

Here is a recap of some of our adventures:

  • Selling everything. This was such a project. It was also a little tough at the beginning because there were memories attached to these “things”. Luckily that passed quickly and the major purge began.
  • Buying the Fithy and the truck. RV shopping was FUN! We really enjoyed going to RV shows and spending our weekends visiting RV retailers around San Diego.
  • Boondocking for our first 3 weeks with Korey’s parents near Yosemite. This was perfect to start off dry camping and learning all about our RV with Korey’s dad, our go-to with all RV questions. Plus getting to spend that time with his parents was amazing
  • Getting to go on a hike in Yosemite and see all of the popular stops in the park. We are going to return for sure. One day is not enough to fully experience this park.
  • Visiting ghost towns, something we both very much enjoy. One was where my paternal grandfather was born and lived as a child, so this was very special.
  • Spending a month in Washington before heading east with My (Michelle) family. Some of our closest friends live here as well so we soaked up this time with them. My sister and her family had recently moved into a new home so we made at least one trip a week to hang out there. We didn’t stay right next door like we were able to do with Korey’s parents, so we did a lot of driving on both sides to make sure we were seeing each other as often as possible. It was such a great month and loved that I got to spend time with my family too, before we really hit the road.
  • Getting to drive through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We soaked up as many sites as possible in 2 days. The bummer was that we were supposed to be there for 6 weeks, but no internet service meant we had to leave (I work full time and need good internet/cell service). We didn’t waste any of our time there. Saw all that we could before we had to leave.
  • Loving all of the hiking we have been able to do in multiple states. This is one outdoor activity that we both love and can do together. Unlike golfing, one of Korey’s favorites that I am not good at 🙂
  • Discovering that Wyoming is definitely a contender for a place to call home once we decide to stop traveling. Everywhere we went was so beautiful, it is at the top of our list.
  • Going to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and Deadwood while staying in Sturgis South Dakota. All places we honestly never thought we would get to see if we were not traveling in an RV.
  • Korey working a Sugar Beet Harvest. He discovered that he LOVES this kind of work instead of being trapped in an office in front of a computer all day, or working in a clean room like he had for so many years. Also knowing he can return every October if he chooses to do so. We are going back for the Oct 2019 harvest for sure.
  • Spending a month in Texas with our close friends from when we 1st met over 20 years ago. We rarely see them, only a few times over the years. Getting to see them multiple times a week for a month was amazing. Korey went hunting with Jerry, for his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time. He LOVED it, even though they didn’t have any luck with deer making an appearance while they were hunting. He is hooked. Me getting to spend so much time with Gayla was very special for me. We will not get that much time pass before we get to see the Cromer family again. What a fun month!
  • Dealing with and fixing RV issues as they arise like our shower door shattering the same day we needed to get new tires because one was about to rip into pieces. This same day also happened to be Korey’s 40th birthday, what a way to celebrate (insert sarcasm). Our refrigerator deciding to not work when it was 105 degrees outside, and throwing an error code that we couldn’t figure out, then the next day, it finally showed a blown fuse. This was a wonky issue that we really cannot explain. Our rolling blinds deciding to fall down in transit and no longer working….hello new curtains! Any issues that came up (so far…) we have been able to fix ourselves. Sometimes they required phone calls to Korey’s dad, or messages to the Heartland RV owner Facebook page, and a little YouTube university & viola…back in action. Korey has become so handy, this guy can really fix anything, I think he is surprising himself with this.
  • This year has been nothing short of amazing. We know we have not fully shared all of our reasons behind taking this plunge into full time travel. We will one day, but  until then, this has been so good for our marriage, for our personal growth, facing fears, putting our relationship first, experience over “things”, getting to see so many great little towns across the states we have traveled and enjoying our lives to the fullest.

This is just a little list of favorites, and one of our goals for 2019 is to make sure we are keeping up with our blog. One post per week is the goal. So we will be sharing much more about our stops in 2018 and looking forward to our 2019 plans. We have always kept up with our posting of pictures on Instagram, so if interested in seeing those, our handle is @followourfithy.

Happy New Year, Cheers to 2019! Thank you to those that are following along on our journey!

Michelle & Korey

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