Christmas in Kentucky – 2018

christmas 2018 4

What do you do when you aren’t near family for Christmas? You make the best of it! This was our 1st Christmas in our 20 years together where we weren’t able to see family during the holidays at all. We did everything we could to make it special for us.

Our Fithy was decorated as much as we could without it being too cluttered. We spent an afternoon looking for the perfect tree. This was our first real Christmas tree in years. We always used a fake tree but it was donated when we purged our belongings. Our tree skirt was a piece of fabric found at JoAnn’s for only $2, what a score! Since Korey has found a new love of hunting, when we saw the deer antler stocking holders at Target, we swooped right in to buy them. We made it feel like the holidays.

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On Christmas Eve I baked cookies. Korey’s favorite cookies are these yummy yellow cake batter cookies that taste like cheesecake. My mom normally makes them for him but this year she decided to take a break from all of the baking. Korey said it was a must for Christmas so he busted out the mixer from the basement storage and the cookie making commenced. We also wanted to ensure that we had a nice dinner. With a small RV oven, we opted to not make a turkey. The size wasn’t the only deterrent, I have also never cooked a turkey in a propane oven and just didn’t want to risk messing up our meal. We chose to have steak. Nothing goes better with steak than Korey’s grandma’s “roadside potatoes”, so those were a must!


After dinner, once it was completely dark, we opened our gifts. We normally do not exchange Christmas gifts, or if we do, it is just one or two. This year we decided to go all out. We exchanged our gifts and then spent the evening watching Christmas movies.

On Christmas morning we got up early and made a big breakfast, lounged for a little while and went out to the movies. It was our very first time in a theater with reclining chairs vs. the standard theater seating. We are pretty sure that we can never go back to a regular movie theater after that. Ordering appetizers and getting all comfy to enjoy the movie, that is how we will do it from here on out!

christmas 2018 2

In the weeks working up to Christmas we also enjoyed checking out the light displays around Lexington. We may have been alone for Christmas, but we enjoyed our time together & had a great holiday.

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