RV Renovation…baby steps

When we purchased our Bighorn Traveler last year, we did not anticipate doing any remodeling. We really do love it, the floor plan is perfect for us and we love the storage. There were only a couple options to choose from as far as furniture colors go and a few options for window coverings. We picked the lightest valance options available, but they were still pretty dark with the brown side curtains.

As far as the furniture goes, we had either light tan or darn brown to choose from. The tan didn’t appeal to us at all. It was pretty close to the color of the flooring and neither of us were fans, so we went with the dark brown couch and recliners.

Once we moved into our rig and started traveling, we also started to follow so many other RVers on Instagram. Once we started to see what kind of potential there is with a little bit of a tweak here and there, or even a full overhaul, we decided to start making some changes. First on the list was to recover the window valances. The funny thing is that the bedroom and hall windows all have a solid grey valance and no ugly brown side curtains. Not sure why that wasn’t the trend on all the windows? See picture below of the old valances that came with our fifth wheel and the light grey next to it is what all the others will look like.

old valance

While in Waco Texas in November, we decided to hit up JoAnn Fabric. It was meant to be that we stopped that day because we found a very close match to the current grey in our bedroom. The best part? It was on clearance. We bought all that they had left and it was only $3 total. THREE DOLLARS! Score!

This past weekend we decided to finally hunker down and get to work. Korey removed the valance, and filled the screw holes in the wall. While he worked on this, I went staple gun happy and got to work on recovering with the new solid grey and happily cutting the ugly side curtains off. We timed this pretty close and by the time I finished covering one, he had the next one down and ready to rehang the valance I had just finished.

Here is a picture of the dining area with the light new curtains and the grey valances. Don’t mind the mess, we had stuff all over the place while doing this πŸ™‚

dining room

We also had some issues with 2 of our large rolling window blinds. We had one that wouldn’t go up and another that wouldn’t pull down. So instead of spending hundreds on new rolling blinds, we opted for curtains. We found them at Target for only $19.99 each. We needed 2 for the large living room window and one set of cafe style curtains for the dining room. So a grand total of $63 for new window coverings and we couldn’t be happier.

The living space is so much brighter. The curtains are not black out, but they do the trick. You cannot see inside from outside and they block enough sunlight to still be able to watch the TV without a glare…you know, important stuff πŸ˜‰

Here is a shot over the couch and one of the windows. We still had some white Christmas lights hanging on the kitchen slide that made the shot. It looks a lot better since we took those down. Loving this much lighter look!


Next up – We have peel and stick white ship-lap wallpaper en route right now, ordered from Amazon. The plan is to cover the stair fronts, the front of the kitchen island and the wall behind the toilet in the bathroom.

We say baby steps to our small reno projects because we do not plan to go all crazy and bust this all out over a weekend, but the goal is to eventually paint the walls a stark bright white. We have seen so many other fifth wheel owners who opted to not paint the wood in an effort to save time and energy, but instead just painted their walls and it makes all the difference. It really helps not feel so dark and actually makes the dark wood look better. You don’t realize how light the current wallpaper isn’t unless you hold something white up to it.

Not sure when the painting project will begin, but I am excited to see how this place looks when it’s all done. We love our little home on wheels but think that we will really love it that much more once it is more our style and not so “RV decor”.

Have a great weekend!

Korey & Michelle

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