June 2018-Feb 2019 Route

Map June 2018 - Feb 2019

Seeing our route on a map was pretty exciting to us. We haven’t been tracking how many miles we’ve traveled, but wish we did. You can create these maps on http://www.zeemaps.com. It allows you to pin all of the stops, create a route, all kinds of features, and it is FREE.

Our route is based on Korey’s jobs. He gets different jobs using http://www.workamper.com, but also checks out coolworks and flexjobs. His work choices are based on locations we would like to explore, free full hookups plus an hourly wage. There are so many jobs out there and we will share about this in another post, but so far workamper for the win!

Because of workamper, we have been able to explore some beautiful areas and stay for free. The only stipulation is that we have to have strong Verizon cell service. I (Michelle) work full time, remotely, so if I can’t work, we have to move on. This has only happened once so far (inside Yellowstone).

Our adventure started out in southern California where we spent time with Korey’s parents near Yosemite. Then we worked our way up to Washington to spend time with Michelle’s family and our friends, before heading east. We stayed in Montana and Wyoming before going to South Dakota, North Dakota and Western Minnesota. From there we worked our way down to Texas to visit our friends, the Cromer’s, for a month while Korey wasn’t working. We only stayed one night in the “fly over states” as we made our way to Texas, so we will have to go back to explore more in the future. We loved our 1 night outside of Oklahoma City…we checked out Guthrie and want to go back around Christmas time one year. They were listed as a top 10 “Christmas town” so hopefully we can make this happen. From Texas we headed to Kentucky where we have been for 11 weeks. It is beautiful here but we are ready to move on. It’s funny how you can live in one location for years but once you start traveling, you get the itch to keep moving on to see more.

So from June ’18 to Feb ’19 we have stayed at least one overnight in 15 states.  4 of these states will need a revisit to allow for a state sticker to fill our map. We have multiple rules for ourselves to slap a sticker up and just a one night stay as we work our way to another state isn’t going to cut it.

By this time next year, we should have roughly 7 more states under our belts. This entire summer will be spent in Virginia for Korey’s next workamper job. We leave for North Carolina in 8 days and could not be more excited, as we head to Florida to soak up some vitamin D. It is much needed after this last month of freezing cold temps and wet weather.

Here’s to more adventuring!

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