Interesting Weekend…to say the least

flooded Elkhorn Creek

It was our last weekend here in Kentucky, so we planned on wrapping up some “to do” items on our list before hitting the road. The weather forecast called for rain and flash flooding in our area. The owners of the RV park we are staying in were going to give everyone two hours notice if they decided to evacuate the park. It is right on Elkhorn Creek and the water has been high from all of the rain, so the amount of rain in the forecast had everyone thinking that we would probably have to leave, and if so, it would be in the middle of the night on Saturday.

In preparation of an almost certain middle of the night exit, Korey got busy with some work outside that he had wanted to do but couldn’t due to the weather. He finished caulking outside, well all but the back. He took everything out of the basement storage to pack and organize. With any long stay we find that as we accumulate more belongings, we have to keep purging so he also loaded up the truck with items that he felt we no longer needed, and I did the same inside. We were ready to leave if we had to. The Fithy was clean and packed up, ready to head to a Cracker Barrel or Rest Stop in the middle of the night.

The rain ended up hitting around 4pm and was steady and strong until roughly 2am. Luckily, even though we were ready, we did not have to bolt in the middle of the night. It was a little nerve wracking at the thought of dealing with that, so thankfully it ended up being a non-issue. WHEW!

On Sunday the sun was shining, it was cold, and really windy, but the sun was shining and that was all that mattered. We have been dealing with some pretty cold, wet and gloomy days for weeks now, so it was so welcome to see that blue sky. Korey ended up getting a notification that there was an option of taking voluntary time off, at Amazon, so he went ahead and did that. Our tanks were getting full so he was outside emptying them and decided to go ahead and work on cleaning some gook off of the front of the rig while back filling the black tank to rinse it out.

I was inside while he was doing this. I didn’t hear the black tank filling like I normally do because I had the TV on, but I did hear the toilet making a gargling noise. This is not something that has happened before so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I went in the bathroom and opened the toilet lid to find that it was nearly full with black water. Not even thinking, for some reason I flushed the toilet. Maybe I thought it needed it because it was filling? Why didn’t I just yell for Korey to tell him what was happening? Who knows. But I flushed it.

When I did this, I experienced the black water spraying up like a fountain, all over me, the walls, the bathroom floor and did I mention all over ME? Of course my reaction was to scream. Korey came running and opened the door to see what was going on. He opened the door to see me standing in the bathroom doorway, all wet and frantically telling him what had just happened. It took him a second to pull himself together from laughing so hard and then ran back to turn off the water so he could drain the tank. Honestly I am surprised at how hard I was laughing as well, because this was seriously the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me. I really can’t think of anything worse than RV black water spraying all over me.

You can now eat off of any surface in our bathroom, it has been disinfected from top to bottom and if I ever hear any weird noise in the future you better believe that I will be getting Korey to check it out.

Good times…how was your weekend?

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