The Adventure Continues….

Korey wrapped up his job at Amazon a few weeks ago. We had to take our Fithy in for some warranty work, so after talking to Heartland about the issue we were experiencing they recommended Open Road RV in Acworth Georgia, just north of Atlanta. We scheduled an appointment with them for Monday March 4th, and we left Kentucky that Friday before so we had a few days to fill. We booked at site at Mckinney Campground on Lake Allatoona. This site was one of our favorite spots in our travels so far. We had a huge deck overlooking the lake and all of the spots were very private. Korey was able to fish, which he always loves, and it was so quiet. We hope to stay there again if we ever return to the area.

Lake Allatoona

Open Road RV

While in Acworth, we booked a “Walking Dead” tour in Senoia, where it is filmed. What a cute little town! It was a little over an hour away from Acworth. We arrived a couple hours early to check out the shops and grab a coffee before the tour. It was a great time, and after the tour we ate at Nic and Norman’s restaurant, owned by Norman Reedus. We highly recommend Senoia if ever in the area, even if you aren’t a Walking Dead fan.

walking dead


Downtown Acworth was a sweet little area as well. There was an old bookstore with a coffee shop inside, lots of gift type shops and restaurants. We enjoyed the evening we spent there. For dinner that night we had THE BEST shrimp & grits we have had yet as an appetizer, our dinner was amazing as well, at Henry’s Louisiana Grill. We left there so full and talking about our meal for days afterwards. It was delish!

My coworker, Sheri, lives near Atlanta so we met up with her and her daughter Bella for dinner one night. It was such a fun time and I was so thankful that we were able to get together. We met up at the Marietta Diner. It was so cool, all lit up with bright lights and the biggest menu we’ve ever seen. The portions were HUGE, we did not leave hungry and pretty sure we weren’t hungry when we woke up the next day. We took down a ton of food. While visiting with Sheri, she recommended all different locations we could visit while our RV was in the shop. We decided to rent a hotel room that looked like a little cabin in the woods, about 10 miles outside of Helen GA.

Helen GA reminded us a lot like Leavenworth Washington. A little Bavarian village, very touristy, but also fun to visit. Since we were in a German town, we of course had to eat some German food! After lunch we did a little shopping to find the perfect magnet (our chosen souvenir for each stop) before heading back to our hotel to start a fire (we had a fireplace!) and relax. The next day we went to Tallulah Falls State Park, that was so much fun! We actually had no idea it even existed. We did pretty much zero research since we planned to just hang out in Helen, but while shopping and chatting with a local, she shared that we HAD to see the falls, and it was only 10 miles away so we went straight there after talking with her. Since it was very last minute and we had no hiking shoes we weren’t able to get down to the bottom, but enjoyed the views from up above. Afterwards we headed to Clayton GA, she told us about this town as well so we squeezed that in before heading back to our hotel. I found some new hiking shoes on sale, SCORE! and while in our favorite store in that town called “Wander”, we got to hold baby goats! Their soap guy was there delivering products and brought 4 day old baby goats along with him, in a stroller. It was the sweetest thing and I loved every second of it. Baby goats are the cutest, especially when they snuggle like these little guys/gals did.

selfie NEW

Baby Goat

tallulah falls 1

We so enjoyed our time in Georgia, it was beautiful, the people were so friendly and we felt like we had such a great vacation. Luckily I had taken 8 days off of work after Korey finished his job at Amazon so we could go play. Georgia did not disappoint! We can’t wait to go back to see more of the state.

Loving this life we have and all that we are getting to see while on the road. We are so very blessed!

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