It was bound to happen….

Well, it happened, we had a truck issue that required a tow to the dealership.

truck tow

When traveling full time and towing our home with our truck, it is so important that we keep up on the maintenance. With that said, we did not notice an issue with our batteries. A few days after arriving in Newport North Carolina we had plans to go to the laundromat after work. We loaded the truck with all of our bedding, a very full laundry basket and hopped on in to head out.

The truck wouldn’t turn over at all. There wasn’t even a clicking noise. The key wouldn’t turn and there wasn’t any power or lights. It was obvious that the batteries were dead. Luckily we have roadside assistance through our insurance, along with a secondary through Good Sam. We opted to go ahead and use Good Sam and give them a call to open a “HELP” ticket. They quickly sent out a tow truck for a battery jump. Unfortunately when he tested the batteries he said that they were fine, he wasn’t sure what the issue was, but if we needed a tow he could return later (he had a car on his bed so couldn’t tow us if we needed it)

Well this was interesting because Korey already checked the batteries and they were both very low. Now the panic started a bit because we need our truck to tow our fifth wheel, and immediately we thought “great….how much is this going to cost us?!”. We decided to call the Dodge dealership in Morehead, less than 10 miles away from where we are staying. They said that we could have the truck towed to them and get us in right away the next morning. PERFECT! We called Good Sam that next morning and opened another request, but this time for a tow. We did have a little trouble convincing them that we needed a tow because they sent someone out the night before, but after explaining that it was a battery check/jump they scheduled someone to come and help us out. Korey went with to the dealership and after a few hours he returned home with a truck that was running again.

Turns out that Korey’s check was correct, the batteries were very low. Too low. They replaced both of our batteries, checked the alternator, the starter and said that there wasn’t any indication that something was draining our batteries, that they were just low & old and needed to be replaced. Our truck was purchased used and there wasn’t a date stamp on the batteries so who knows, they could be the originals. We are so thankful that this was all that it was and that it was an easy fix.

We have been so thankful that any time we needed anything checked or fixed, we have been close by a Dodge dealership. Dealership repair shops may be more expensive than others, but they always get us in right away, fix what we need fixed quickly and we have the peace of mind knowing that they know a Dodge and it will be done correctly. We had 2 other trips to dealerships before this recent issue for maintenance, in different states, and had the same outcome.

Luckily this also happened our 1st week in Newport so we were still able to explore and enjoy our stay in the area. Tomorrow we head out and move onto a new area in Virginia for a couple weeks and looking forward to adding another state sticker to our map on the Fithy 🙂

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