About Us


Hi all!! We are Korey and Michelle Seeba and around February 2018, we decided that we did not want to wait until retirement to get to travel full time.  Being able to travel and see this beautiful country we live in full time has always been a dream of ours.  Then one day we thought “Why do we have to do the day in, day out thing so many of us just settle for?”. That is, get up, go to work, buy a house, buy cars and other material things all while never really taking time for ourselves. If we do that then in the eyes of society we have achieved the so called American dream and have been a success.  Michelle and I achieved all of that yet still felt we were not living life on our terms.  So we decided to climb out of the box and take a big leap!!  We bought a fifth wheel, that we named “Fithy”, bought a truck, sold our belongings and hit the road June 8th 2018 for our adventure of a life time. Blogging seemed like a great way to journal our travels, while working full time from our Fithy, and seeing everything on our bucket list….so here we are. Together 20 years, married 17, no kids, but we have our little Lhasa Apso, Sully, who will enjoy our adventures with us and we couldn’t be more excited to start this new adventure and life………. Life is what we make it, take chances, do what you love and you can’t go wrong.