Outer Banks…just WOW

It is really sad to admit this, but neither of us had even heard about the Outer Banks of North Carolina until we were in Kentucky over the winter. How is this even possible to not know about this amazing place?!

When searching for an RV park, we were told that Hatteras Island would be best, especially further south, if we wanted to be in an area that wasn’t as busy. We were there after spring break and before school is out for the summer so we lucked out, it wasn’t busy at all. Hatteras Sands RV Park in Hatteras Village, is what we chose for our “home” for our two week stay. We had the most amazing back yard view! Check out that view out of the living room window, so close to the water!

Hatteras Sands Campground


Korey LOVES to fish so he had two straight weeks of surf fishing, which was new to him. He was determined to catch a drum, but the stars didn’t align on this trip. He gave it 110% while hitting up all of the beaches and piers he could during our stay and caught a bunch of other kinds of fish. We had a feast the night he came home with these guys.

catcher guy

When Korey wasn’t fishing at the beach, he was fishing off of our site in the canal.

always fishing

The beaches are beyond beautiful with white sandy beaches and clear water. We loved the drive down to Hatteras Village, seeing the Atlantic and the Sound with sand up to the road in some areas. It was really windy most of our stay, but that is to be expected while staying so close to the beach. We experienced one REALLY stormy night where it was pouring down rain and the winds were so strong that our large picture window was bowing IN and water was coming in up through the seep holes. We also lost a tail light cover in that wind. That was the strangest thing to lose, it’s not like they are loosely attached. Luckily the RV park had 2 old RVs out back that they were working on breaking down and they let us take one of the covers. That was so awesome of them because the closest RV shop was 90 min away.


While visiting the Outer Banks we were excited to get to get two more stamps in the National Park Passport. Our first stop was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. It is the tallest lighthouse in North Carolina standing at 210 feet tall. It was moved to it’s new location in 1999 to avoid erosion, but we walked over to see where it was previously.

hatteras lighthouse

We always grab a selfie at our stops…. or really a selfie of Korey with Michelle’s floating head in the corner…short people problems.

us at hatteras ligthouse

Our next stop was the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. It was a bit of a drive North, but worth it. We walked the path of their first successful flight and explored the visitor center where we learned about all of their attempts and saw a replica of the airplane along with a lot of original pieces to read about. It was such an interesting stop and a beautiful day to walk around the park.


first flight pathmonument


We enjoyed a campfire on the beach, loads of fishing, including Korey’s first shark and beautiful beach sunsets.

beach campfire

Coming back to the Outer Banks is a MUST. Hopefully when we return it will be for a workamper job so we can stay an entire season, that sounds FUN!


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