Ummmm…. it’s been awhile. Hi!

Wow. Our last post was in November 2019. It is now mid July 2020. Pretty sure I need to get better about updates πŸ˜‰

Let’s get caught up!

Thanksgiving was spent with my (Michelle’s) parents in Washington. We initially had reservations at 2 different Thousand Trails parks but after staying a couple nights in one park and showing up at the parents house to surprise them, we measured their driveway…we could FIT! Just barely, but Korey is pretty good at getting this RV into a tight spot. We canceled those Thousand Trails reservations at stayed in their driveway. It was so nice to see them, it had been over a year since seeing my parents and 4 months since seeing my sister and fam (they came to see us in South Dakota in July 2019, which we LOVED, that was a fun time!). We got to see friends one night out to dinner and one of my cousins before I got sick with a stomach bug and we had to cancel all other plans to visit friends and family. It was such a bummer but I didn’t want to spread any germs.


After Thanksgiving we made our way to Portland Oregon to spend a week there. We have friends and family around Portland that we hadn’t been able to stop and see so we looked forward to this visit. I was still sick almost our entire time there. We had to wait around for that to end before making plans. We were able to squeeze in time with Korey’s grandparents, our friend Gena and her kids, my friends and coworkers (just me… I gave my sickness to Korey so he stayed home that night) and a couple hours to see the Schenk’s, our longtime friends turned family. It was a quick stop but so worth it to get to see everyone, it had been so long!

Then we made our way to Southern California for Christmas with Korey’s family. We wanted to make sure we got out of Oregon before the snow hit in the mountains and we lucked out…no icy roads! Korey’s sister and family came from Utah for Christmas too so it was a party with all of us there. It was such a fun Christmas with the kids all giving us their annual show (it was adorable!) and lots of time with the fam. We also made it out of Oregon without hitting snow but got hit with a crazy snowstorm while in California,haha… hey, at least we didn’t have to worry about towing the fifth wheel in it. All that snow in the desert is so pretty! Now that we had snow in the high desert, it was time to head to the low desert and stay in Palm Desert near Korey’s brother and our brother in law. We always have the best time with them, so we really looked forward to getting to stay a week and hang out! It was so fun that tried to extend another week but we were unable to due to lack of availability in both of the Thousand Trails parks. The weather was of course beautiful and we got to spend nearly every night with them after work, it was awesome!

California snow

Next up was a workamper job (Spring Training) for Korey in Arizona so we took off, giving ourselves enough time to see Sedona before heading south towards Phoenix. We had no idea where we were going to stay. All we knew was that Korey had a job working Spring Training for the Kansas City Royals in Surprise AZ. This workamper job did not provide an RV park, we are not over 55 yrs old and it was peak season in Arizona. Our friends live in the area and so graciously offered to let us stay with them so we planned to put the fithy in storage. We were really excited about this. Korey always wanted to go to Spring Training and we missed our friends (Sam and Russell) so much, this would allow us to spent tons of time with them. We ended up still getting to spend every weekend with them, but an RV park in Wickenburg opened up. It was really affordable and less traffic to get to Surprise, so we jumped on it. Getting to spend every weekend we were there with them was the BEST. We also got to catch a Dave Matthews show at the end of Feb, it was a fun stop! Then came COVID-19. There was talk about closing state lines so just in case that happened we thought it would be best to head back to Korey’s parent’s house in California. Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to the Grand Canyon with Sam and Russell, so we will be meeting up later this year in New Orleans. I am sure THAT will be a blast with the 4 of us. Side note – Korey will not work Spring Training again as a workamper… he was not a fan, if you ever consider this job and have questions, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to share his experience.

Korey’s next job was scheduled to start in May. It was still a GO, so we decided to leave California and head to Utah. We stayed about 10 days near Korey’s sister and family. We explored all we could with them, unfortunately the National Parks had closed by this time so we will be back to see Utah, we gotta see those NP’s! They showed us all around southern Utah and we LOVED it! Of course we loved our time with them, but wow, it is sure beautiful there. No wonder they decided to move to Utah! It was fun to be there for Easter as well, our 4 young nephews had a blast at the Easter egg hunt and we certainly enjoyed their excitement.

And now we come to West Yellowstone Montana. This is where we have been since the end of April, and we are not leaving until mid September….Korey is heading back to the sugar beet harvest for year 3! We have had the BEST time while here, what a way to spend a summer, right at the west gate to Yellowstone?! Yes please!

More to come soon, we have explored so much and will share all about that in another post πŸ˜‰ While we may slack on blog posts, we do not slack on posting our adventures on Instagram and Facebook. We have our Instagram linked here to the blog in case anyone would like to see what we have been up to.

Thanks for following along, I can’t wait to share about our summer in Yellowstone….and I promise it won’t be another 8 months before I post!

Here is a little sneak peak of what our summer has looked like:

πŸ™‚ Michelle & Korey

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