Oh Yellowstone…SO Beautiful

yellowstone entrance

The plan was to be in Yellowstone for 6 weeks. Korey had a workamper job lined up. He was told that the Verizon cell service is excellent at the employee RV park inside Yellowstone. They were correct, we had no issues making phone calls or texting. Unfortunately the first night we were there ,we discovered that we had almost zero download speeds. Getting online was nearly impossible, let alone started a meeting or getting into my work email. We had to decide very quickly that I would be taking the next day off so we could leave Yellowstone to head somewhere else. This was the 1st time that I wasn’t able to work in our travels.

SO… our travels to Yellowstone, and our 24 hours there…

We traveled from Ritzville Washington to Missoula Montana, and OH WOW, what a beautiful drive! We didn’t stop as we drove through Idaho, but we cannot wait to return!

We had one afternoon and night in Missoula. We went out to pizza for dinner, hit up Walmart to buy bikes (FINALLY!!!) and stayed at our 1st Jellystone RV Park. After dinner we battled it out at the mini-golf course in the RV park (Korey won….surprise surprise) and attempted to go on a bike ride. Korey’s tire exploded, so we had to take it back and get a different one. That was “fun” πŸ™‚

JellyStone Missoula

The next morning we hit the road…7 am is always our goal on travel days. We don’t like to travel more than 6 hours, and still have the afternoon to do something fun. We made it to Gardiner Montana that afternoon. What a cool little town! It is right at the northern entrance to Yellowstone, a river runs through town, loads of gift shops and restaurants, and the RV park we stayed at was just at the edge of town. We would stay here again in a heartbeat. It was beautiful. Of course we went out to dinner…Yes, we are on a food tour πŸ™‚ We also spoke to a few people about the need for bear spray in Yellowstone. We had only pepper spray, and we thought that was just like bear spray, but apparently it is not. Bear spray shoots further and wider than pepper spray. It also creates a large fog, giving you the chance to get the heck out of dodge if needed.

On Labor Day we entered the park. It was amazing from the get-go. Beauty all around. We thought for sure that we would make it to where we would be parked for 6 weeks within 2 hours based on mileage, but turns out the road was very steep in areas, narrow in others and multiple areas where there were winding roads. We arrived 4 hours later, and while the drive/ride was a little stressful towing our fithy, we made it, and enjoyed all of the views. We unhooked, set up, and hopped back in the truck to head to the Yellowstone Hotel on the lake, for lunch. After lunch we went home and that was when we discovered that the internet was not going to cooperate enough for me to be able to work, so I quickly took the next day off, we packed back up and went out to explore all that we could before it got dark.

We saw Lewis Falls, Dragon’s Mouth geysers, multiple elk, a single bear (way off in the distance), antelope, and Bison. The Bison was our favorite. We got to experience the traffic jams that we have been seeing videos of, from people we follow on Instagram, and so hoped that would happen while we were there. We felt so lucky to get to be so close. They are not out there doing anything exciting, but they are so fun to just sit and watch. Listening to the babies yelling at their mama’s was pretty amazing as well. The streams, the prairies, the mountains, the wildlife, the constant beauty – what a great 24 hours. We will be back. Next time we will stay between Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, we already found an RV park that we would stay at where the internet would work…OR, use vacation days and get in there and not care about service and focus on how spectacular Yellowstone is. If you have never been…GO. We did not even get to see all of the touristy stops…but we will next time.

Yet again we got to experience a new place that we have never been. Each day gets better and better. Making this decision to travel full-time was the BEST choice for us, on so many levels. Pretty sure we say this all the time. There is something so freeing about getting to switch up our locations all the time, meeting new people everywhere we go, and growing both individually and as a couple. We are coming up on 4 months now…what an adventure!


  1. Love reading your updates, so inspired to get my trailer out on the road full time one of these days as well. Keep livin’ the dream!


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