Our Time in Texas…Nov 2018

longhorn 1

We are so fortunate to have had the chance to spend the entire month of November in Texas near our friends Jerry & Gayla and their sweet daughters Madison and Emma. The only downfall to our stay was a mix-up with our reservations at an RV Park that was close to their house. We scrambled at the last minute to find another place to stay for the whole month. After a few “sorry, nothing available for that long of a stay” phone calls, we lucked out with a “YES”. It was in Santo Texas (Coffee Creek RV Resort). The only reason this was a bummer was due to the distance between us and our friends. It was a little over 30 minutes away. So we did a lot of driving while in Texas, but it was all worth it. We also dealt with that while in Washington in August. Next time we will definitely stay closer, and confirm reservations weeks prior to arriving vs. 2 days before.

While in Texas we pretty much ate our way around the area. Pretty sure all of us had tight pants when Korey and I left town, but it was worth it! We have decided that Texas has the best BBQ we have had. We never had bad BBQ. Our favorite was a recommendation by Jerry….Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. It was in the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Korey, Gayla and I went to check out the Stockyards our 1st Saturday in town. What a FUN day! The great little shops, watching the longhorns walk down the main street, people watching, old cool buildings and pigging out at Cooper’s made for a great time.

We love little towns. We especially love little towns at Christmas. And even better is a small town, decorated for the holidays and looking like a Hallmark Christmas movie. Granbury TX delivered! We spent an afternoon/evening checking out the shops, eating some delish food twice….yes, we had 2 dinners, and soaking up the Christmas lights. So the 2 dinners deal…this was NOT PLANNED. We went to Granbury for a chicken dinner, which was yummy. But we met the Cromer’s in Germany, so we have lots of fun reminiscing about our time there (we have lots of great stories), and all love German food. So after dinner when we started walking around town, we came to this little German restaurant, Korey and Jerry were looking at the menu and boom….decision made….Dinner x2. Gayla and I decided to have dessert while the guys had plates of food πŸ™‚ what a fun time, loved that little town.

National Hiking Day is in November, we unknowingly went hiking on that day πŸ™‚ They took us to Possom Kingdom Lake where we hiked one of the trails to some beautiful views. It was a great day, even with all of the girls complaining that we thought the hike was on flat ground vs. up hill haha. We were not prepared for that kind of hike, but it was still a blast!

Thanksgiving was so nice. They invited us to join their family dinner. We were entertained all day by their niece and nephew, so cute!, had some yummy food and played cornhole where I actually sunk 3 in a row, after multiple games of barely hitting the board. Korey was so proud πŸ™‚ haha

I had taken the week of Thanksgiving off and that Wednesday Korey surprised me by asking if I wanted to head to Waco and check out Magnolia. I said YES of course. It was beautiful. I am so thankful that we went because I always wanted to go. Everyone else had the same idea that we had πŸ™‚ people everywhere! We didn’t get to go into the bakery because the line was around the building. The store was crazy expensive so we picked up a few little gifts for our moms and sisters, walked around the grounds, shared a caramel apple, people watched for a bit, then decided to head out to do some shopping before taking the 2 hour drive back to our Fithy, and Sully who had been home all day alone. It was a very last minute plan so Jerry and Gayla weren’t able to join us since they had Thanksgiving prep. So it was a date day and even though I was a little bummed that I didn’t walk away with bags and bags of fun souvenirs, it was a good day and beautiful grounds where the store, bakery and silos sit. Of course it would be beautiful though, it’s the Gaine’s fam, it was just as I expected.

Jerry took Korey on his 1st deer hunting trip, and his 2nd, his 3rd and 4th…Korey is HOOKED. He had the best time getting to do this and learned so much from Jerry. Now he is on a mission to find his own gun so that when we return to Texas he can go hunting again and with his new gun. They also have an air boat….this was a bucket list item for Korey, he had always wanted to ride on one of those, and had a chance to do it multiple times. I so loved hearing the excitement in his voice while he was getting ready early in the morning and after they got home to hear about the day. BUT the bummer is that those pesky deer just didn’t want to make an appearance while they were out there. So after 4x hunting….no deer. haha. Korey still loved every second of it.

hunting view

In a few days it’ll be 6 months on the road for us. It is crazy how quickly the time is zipping by. I am loving every second of it. I am fortunate to have a job that I love and work remotely so I am comfy in our little home working and adventuring after work and on weekends. We are not on vacation, it is our life so we definitely do not adventure every night. I just feel so relaxed, genuinely happy, grateful and so very blessed. Korey has really been letting his true self out. He is embracing the outdoors, feeling of freedom, happiness, sense of feeling like he can just be himself and without any judgement, or thinking there is judgement and has such a sparkle in his eye. This really came out even more with our time in Texas. If it wasn’t so hot in the summer, this would be a contender of a forever home when we stop traveling. I say “forever home” loosely because anyone who knows us, knows we do not stay put very long. Pretty sure we’ve moved 8-10 times in our 20 years together. Maybe we have always had a bit of a gypsy soul and that is why our lifestyle of constant travel feels so natural. This RV living and travel is not for everyone, and some people cannot understand why in the world we would do this, but that is OK. We are living our lives for us, and it feels pretty amazing. Our time in Texas was also pretty amazing. So many laughs, so thankful that the Cromer’s welcomed us, invited us to join in with their family Thanksgiving, and it was just an all around good time. Best November ever!

One more thing….sorry we are super slackers on our blog. We do post to Instagram multiple times a week, but finding time to blog has been something we need to be better about. We want to be able to look back here, in the future, and read about our adventures. Updating the website 1x every 2 months, isn’t going to cut it πŸ™‚ We need to do better….hey, maybe this will be a new years resolution for us πŸ˜‰

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